Elgar: Sospiri, Op. 70

Sol Gabetta (cello); Stéphane Denève (conductor): Danmarks Radio SymfoniOrkestret

Charlotte Bray: At the Speed of Stillness

Sir Mark Elder (conductor): Aldeburgh World Orchestra

Mark-Anthony Turnage: Two Elegies Framing a Shout

Ken Radnofsky (soprano saxophone) and Eliko Akahori (piano)

György Ligeti: Mysteries of the Macabre

Barbara Hannigan (soprano & conductor): Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

i never saw the necessity of a new year resolution. never bothered to look back at my resolutions. because it wasn’t worth it.

time passed, so quickly. each academic year is essentially 3 semesters, 10 weeks each, + two 1-month holidays. convincing myself that it is an academic year is simply a hoax. and so with my 2 remaining years, resolutions are absolutely necessary. value for money and time is key

2014/15 academic year resolution:

  1. networking, collaborations and connections: the more, the merrier; no anti-social behavior, but embrace introversion when required
  2. minimize traveling: think necessity to allow occasional splurges; explore london
  3. prizes: gotta catch ‘em all!

21st century: the fall of the avant-garde, the extinction of art music? just a thought



轻轻的我走了, 正如我轻轻的来; 我轻轻的招手, 作别西天的云彩。

那河畔的金柳, 是夕阳中的新娘; 波光里的艳影, 在我的心头荡漾。

软泥上的青荇, 油油的在水底招搖; 在康河的柔波里, 我甘心做一条水草!

那榆荫下的一潭, 不是清泉,是天上虹; 揉碎在浮藻间, 沉淀着彩虹似的梦。

寻梦?撑一支长蒿, 向青草更青处漫溯; 满载一船星辉, 在星辉斑斓里放歌。

但我不能放歌, 悄悄是别离的笙箫; 夏虫也为我沉默, 沉默是今晚的康桥!

悄悄的我走了, 正如我悄悄的来; 我挥一挥衣袖, 不带走一片云彩。

May 07, 2014: Barber Evening Concert: Stephen Hough (piano)


Beethoven: Ouvertüre Coriolan, Op. 62

Leonard Bernstein (conductor); Wiener Philarmoniker